Poems by Arthur Symons

Poems by Arthur Symons

At Seventeen, by Arthur Symons

You were a child, and liked me, yesterday.
To-day you are a woman, and perhaps
Those softer ...

Dawn, by Arthur Symons

Here in the little room
You sleep the sleep of innocent tired youth,
While I, in very sooth, ...

In the Wood of Finvara, by Arthur Symons

I have grown tired of sorrow and human tears;
Life is a dream in the night, a fear among fears...

In the Vale of Llangollen, by Arthur Symons

In the fields and the lanes again!
There's a bird that sings in my ear
Messages, messages;

In the Temple, by Arthur Symons

When Lilian comes I scarcely know
If Winter wraps the world in snow,
Or if 'tis Summer strikes...

In the Meadows at Mantua, by Arthur Symons

But to have lain upon the grass
One perfect day, one perfect hour,
Beholding all things morta...

Hesterna Rosa, by Arthur Symons

When a girl's fancy flutters to a man,
It is but as a bird that flies and cries;
She has a wi...

Her Eyes Say Yes, by Arthur Symons

Her eyes say Yes, her lips say No.
Ah, tell me, Love, when she denies,
Shall I believe the...

Hands, by Arthur Symons

TO MARCELLE The little hands too soft and white
To have known more laborious hours
Than those ...

Flora of the Eden: Antwerp, by Arthur Symons

Eyes that sought my eyes, an-hungered, as a fire;
Hands that sought and caught my hands in th...

Fête Champêtre, by Arthur Symons

Under the shadow of the trees
We sat together, you and I;
Our hearts were sweetly ill at ease...

An Ending, by Arthur Symons

I will go my ways from the city, and then, maybe,
My heart shall forget one woman's voice, a...

The Dogs, by Arthur Symons

My desires are upon me like dogs, I beat them back,
Yet they yelp upon my track;
And I know ...

De Profundis Clamavi, by Arthur Symons

I did not know; child, child, I did not know,
Who now in lonely wayfare go,
Who wander lone...

Degrees of Love, by Arthur Symons

When your eyes opened to mine eyes,
Without desire, without surprise,
I knew your soul awoke...