Poems by Arthur Symons

Poems by Arthur Symons

Rubies, by Arthur Symons

There are nine rubies in this Indian ring,
And every blood-red ruby is a part
Of the nine-peta...

Satiety, by Arthur Symons

I have outlived my life, and linger on,
Knowing myself the ghost of one that was.
Come, kind...

Serata di Festa, by Arthur Symons

Here in a city made for love
I wander loveless and alone,
Longing for the unknown,
Desiring ...

Soror Tua, by Arthur Symons

For the statue of Lorenzetti, in the Venice Exhibition, 1887, representing a chained and recum...

Love's Secret, by Arthur Symons

As a most happy mother feels the stir
Of that new life which quickens with her life,
And knows...

Kisses, by Arthur Symons

Sweet, can I sing you the song of your kisses?
How soft is this one, how subtle this is;

La Mélinite: Moulin Rouge, by Arthur Symons

Olivier Metra's Waltz of Roses
Sheds in a rhythmic shower
The very petals of the flower;
And ...

The Last Memory, by Arthur Symons

When I am old, and think of the old days,
And warm my hands before a little blaze,
Having fo...

Laus Mortis, by Arthur Symons

I bring to thee, for love, white roses, delicate Death!
White lilies of the valley, dropping...

Laus Virginitatis, by Arthur Symons

The mirror of men's eyes delights me less,
O mirror, than the friend I find in thee;
Thou lo...

Leves Amores, by Arthur Symons

I Your kisses, and the way you curl,
Delicious and distracting girl,
Into one's arms, and ...

Lilian, by Arthur Symons

I. PROEM. This was a sweet white wildwood violet
I found among the painted slips that grow

Love in Autumn, by Arthur Symons

It is already Autumn, and not in my heart only,
The leaves are on the ground,
Green leaves u...

Love's Paradox, by Arthur Symons

Once I smiled when I saw you, when I saw you smile I was glad,
And the joy of my heart was as ...

Clair de Lune, by Arthur Symons

In the moonlit room your face,
Moonlight-coloured, fainting white,
And the silence of the pl...