Poems by Arthur Symons

Poems by Arthur Symons

Magnificat, by Arthur Symons

Praise God, who wrought for you and me
Your subtle body made for love;
God, who from all ete...

Paris, by Arthur Symons

My Paris is a land where twilight days
Merge into violent nights of black and gold;
Where, it...

On the Doorstep, by Arthur Symons

Midnight long is over-past
As we loiter, and the rain falls fast,
As we loiter on your doorst...

On an Air of Rameau, by Arthur Symons

A melancholy desire of ancient things
Floats like a faded perfume out of the wires;
Pallid lov...

Old Age, by Arthur Symons

It may be, when this city of the nine gates
Is broken down by ruinous old age,
And no one upo...

O Flame of Living Love, by Arthur Symons

O flame of living love,
That dost eternally
Pierce through my soul with so consuming heat,

Of Charity, by Arthur Symons

A beggar died last night; his soul
Went up to God, and said:
"I come uncalled, forgive it, ...

The Obscure Night of the Soul, by Arthur Symons

Upon an obscure night,
Fevered with love in love's anxiety,
(O hapless-happy plight!)
I went...

Nora on the Pavement, by Arthur Symons

As Nora on the pavement
Dances, and she entrances the grey hour
Into the laughing circle of he...

Night and Wind, by Arthur Symons

The night is light and chill,
Stars are awake in the sky,
There's a cloud over the moon;

Montserrat, by Arthur Symons

Peace waits among the hills;
I have drunk peace,
Here, where the blue air fills
The great c...

Modern Beauty, by Arthur Symons

I am the torch, she saith, and what to me
If the moth die of me? I am the flame
Of Beauty, a...

Mauve, Black, and Rose, by Arthur Symons

Mauve, black, and rose,
The veils of the jewel, and she, the jewel, a rose.   First,...

Margery of the Fens, by Arthur Symons

I Yes, I'm dying by inches; the Devil has got his way:
I fought him fourscore years, but he'...

Madrigal, by Arthur Symons

May we not love as others do,
Dearest, because we love,
A mistress I, a husband you?
Nay, ...