Poems by Arthur Symons

Poems by Arthur Symons

Declaration, by Arthur Symons

Child, I will give you rings to wear,
And, if you love them, dainty dresses,
Flowers for y...

Caprice, by Arthur Symons

Her mouth is all of roses,
Her eyes are violets;
And round her cheek at hide and seek
Love p...

By the Pool at the Third Rosses, by Arthur Symons

I heard the sighing of the reeds
In the grey pool in the green land,
The sea-wind in the long ...

A Brother of the Battuti, by Arthur Symons

Shed, sinful flesh, these tears of blood,
For all thy vileness all too few;
Wash out, O ho...

Bohemian Folk-Song, by Arthur Symons

(From the French) The moon was in the sky,
Pale, pale her light had grown
I went into the fo...

Bianca, by Arthur Symons

Her cheeks are hot, her cheeks are white;
The white girl hardly breathes to-night,
So faint ...

Benedictine, by Arthur Symons

The Benedictine scents and stains
the languor of your pallid lips;
My kiss shall be a bee that...

The Beggars, by Arthur Symons

It is the beggars who possess the earth.
Kings on their throne have but a narrow girth
Of some ...

Before Meeting, by Arthur Symons

I know not how our eyes first met,
I only know that, night by night,
For one long instant we...

Autumn Twilight, by Arthur Symons

The long September evening dies
In mist along the fields and lanes;
Only a few faint stars sur...

At Toledo, by Arthur Symons

The little stones chuckle against the fields:
"We are so small: God will not think of us;
We ...

At the Stage-Door, by Arthur Symons

Kicking my heels in the street,
Here at the edge of the pavement I wait for you, sweet,

At the Foresters, by Arthur Symons

The shadows of the gaslit wings
Come softly crawling down our way;
Before the curtain someone ...

At the Ambassadeurs, by Arthur Symons

TO YVETTE GUILBERT That was Yvette. The blithe Ambassadeurs
Glitters, this Sunday of the F&eci...

At Tarragona, by Arthur Symons

If I could know but when and why
This piece of thoughtless dust begins
To think, and straightw...