A Bazaar by the Sea, by Witter Bynner

A Bazaar by the Sea

Scent of sunken wood and wind wet with weeds and lifting spray,
Bitter with a wandered tear from some deep forgotten face
That has lain and weary turned, whiter, cleaner, day by day
With the quiet nether waves in a wilderness of space:   How you haunt my mouth and hold my heart and mortify my soul
With a sense of women lying faint and lonely in the sea,
While the waters that have wasted them, arising from them, roll
Shadows of them on the shore and their loveliness to me.   I have bought their broken beauty and have wondered all the time
Whether you I love shall ever lie releasing, with a moan,
For strange hands to purchase and for strange lips to rhyme,
Pearls and corals, corals, pearls, changing from your blood and bone!

poems.one - Witter Bynner

Witter Bynner