Poems by Witter Bynner

Poems by Witter Bynner

A Bazaar by the Sea, by Witter Bynner

Scent of sunken wood and wind wet with weeds and lifting spray,
Bitter with a wandered tear fro...

Chariots, by Witter Bynner

I never saw the morning till today;
I never knew how soon night went away--
Day merely came a ...

The Circus, by Witter Bynner

I went tonight to a country circus.
There had been a parade at noon,
Strewn out along the vill...

Consummation, by Witter Bynner

There was a strangeness on her lips,
Lips that had been so sure;
She still was mine but in ec...

The Coquette, by Witter Bynner

She loves me and she loves me not,
According to her whim;
For when another's on the spot

Eternal Lovers, by Witter Bynner

Somewhere beyond a mountain lies
A lake the color of your eyes--
And I am mirrored like a fligh...

Ghosts of Indians, by Witter Bynner

Indian-footed move the mists
From the corner of the lake,
Silent, sinuous and bent;
And the...

Grieve Not for Beauty, by Witter Bynner

Grieve not for the invisible, transported brow
On which like leaves the dark hair grew,
Nor f...

Israel, by Witter Bynner

The shaken beauty of a race
Was centered in that single face,
And the ancestral woes were ther...

I Turn and Find You, by Witter Bynner

Miles from you I turn and find you,
My beloved. And your gaze
And the ripple of your garment

Kansas, by Witter Bynner

When you had come through Kansas
To your New Hampshire hills,
Their roundnesses, their cloist...

Marriage, by Witter Bynner

Shall marriage never be the glory
That was wooed?--
But ever enervate and vex,
Obstruct, int...

A Mocking-Bird, by Witter Bynner

An arrow, feathery, alive,
He darts and sings--
Then with a sudden skimming dive
Of striped...

Nocturne, by Witter Bynner

Soft through a mist there's a memory creeping,
To tell you in dreams that are wistful and low, ...

The Poet, by Witter Bynner

A poet lived in Galilee,
Whose mother dearly loved him--
And his beauty like a cooling tree