Poems by Lew Sarett

Poems by Lew Sarett

The Fog-Bell, by Lew Sarett

All the long night, all the long day,
When the thick gray fogs of the sea were rolling,

God Is at the Anvil, by Lew Sarett

God is at the anvil, beating out the sun;
Where the molten metal spills,
At His forge among ...

The Granite Mountain, by Lew Sarett

I know a mountain, lone it lies
Under wide blue Arctic skies.   Gray against the crimson ...

The Loon, by Lew Sarett

A lonely lake, a lonely shore,
A lone pine leaning on the moon;
All night the water-beating ...

Marching Pines, by Lew Sarett

Up the drifted foothills,
Like phantoms in a row,
The ragged lines of somber pines
Filed acr...

October Snow, by Lew Sarett

Swiftly the blizzard stretched a frozen arm
From out the hollow night--
Stripping the world of ...

Old Oak, by Lew Sarett

Oh, you and I, old oak, beneath the leaden skies
Of waning autumn, shall hold our ways toget...

Swamp-Owl, by Lew Sarett

A brooding pond in the hush of dusk,
As black as the pools of night;
Rimmed round with spires...

Teton Mountain, by Lew Sarett

She walks alone against the dusky sky,
With something of the manner of a queen--
Her gesturing...

Thunderdrums, by Lew Sarett

An Indian War-medicine Dance I. THE DRUMMERS SING Beat on the buckskin, beat on the drums,

The Wolf Cry, by Lew Sarett

The Arctic moon hangs overhead;
The wide white silence lies below.
A starveling pine stands lo...

Yellow Moon, by Lew Sarett

O yellow moon,
Drifting across the night
As a rakish pirate brig,
Tattered of rig
And ghost...

Fisher of Stars, by Lew Sarett

My wild blood leaped as I watched the falling stars
Flash through the night and gleam,
Like sp...