Poems by Bai Juyi

Poems by Bai Juyi

Losing a Slave Girl, by Bai Juyi

Around my garden the little wall is low;
In the bailiff's lodge the lists are seldom checked.

Winter Night, by Bai Juyi

A.D. 812 My house is poor; those that I love have left me;
My body is sick; I cannot join the ...

Watching the Reapers, by Bai Juyi

A.D. 806 Tillers of the soil have few idle months;
In the fifth month their toil is double-fol...

Visiting the Hsi-lin Temple, by Bai Juyi

I dismount from my horse at the Hsi-lin Temple;
I throw the porter my slender riding-whip.
In ...

Thinking of the Past, by Bai Juyi

A.D. 833 In an idle hour I thought of former days;
And former friends seemed to be standing in...

The Spring River, by Bai Juyi

A.D. 820 Heat and cold, dusk and dawn have crowded one upon the other;
Suddenly I find it is ...

Sleeping on Horseback, by Bai Juyi

A.D. 822 We had rode long and were still far from the inn;
My eyes grew dim; for a moment I fe...

Resignation, by Bai Juyi

Don't think of the past;
It only awakens painful regrets.
Don't think of the future;
It para...

Remembering Golden Bells, by Bai Juyi

Ruined and ill--a man of two score;
Pretty and guileless--a girl of three.
Not a boy--but stil...

Regret for Red Peonies, by Bai Juyi

A melancholy walk among red peonies;
When evening comes, only two flowers remain.
They will n...

Rain, by Bai Juyi

A.D. 815 Since I lived a stranger in the City of Hsü n-yang
Hour by hour bitter rain has p...

Poems in Depression, at Wei Village, by Bai Juyi

I I hug my pillow and do not speak a word;
In my empty room no sound stirs.
Who knows that, ...

The Poem on the Wall, by Bai Juyi

My clumsy poem on the inn-wall none cared to see.
With bird-droppings and moss's growth the lett...

Planting Bamboos, by Bai Juyi

A.D. 806 Unrewarded, my will to serve the State;
At my closed door autumn grasses grow.

On His Baldness, by Bai Juyi

A.D. 832 At dawn I sighed to see my hairs fall;
At dusk I sighed to see my hairs fall.
For I ...