from New English Canaan [The Authors Prologue] , by Thomas Morton

from New English Canaan [The Authors Prologue]

If art and industry should doe as muchAs Nature hath for Canaan, not suchAnother place, for benefit and rest,In all the universe can be possest.The more we proove it by discovery,The more delight each object to the eyeProcures; as if the elements had hereBin reconcil’d, and pleas’d it should appeareLike a faire virgin, longing to be spedAnd meete her lover in a Nuptiall bed,Deck’d in rich ornaments t’ advaunce her stateAnd excellence, being most fortunateWhen most enjoy’d: so would our Canaan beIf well imploy’d by art and industry;Whose offspring now, shewes that her fruitfull wombe,Not being enjoy’d, is like a glorious tombe,Admired things producing which there dye,And ly fast bound in darck obscurity:The worth of which, in each particuler,Who list to know, this abstract will declare. - Thomas Morton

Thomas Morton