Poems by Jules Romains

Poems by Jules Romains

To the Multitude Which Is Here, by Jules Romains

Here in the hollow of
The theatre, and docile to its walls,
Thou mouldest to it...

The Barracks, by Jules Romains

Beings have molten forms and lives together. THE sunshine cannot make the barracks glad.
Its se...

The Church, by Jules Romains

The self-deceit of having wrought the light. PEOPLE arrive to worship in their church.   Th...

I Am Seeking, by Jules Romains

For years the snow has been falling,
The sky is so leaden and low,
That men of high stature

It Is Not In Vain That I Have Been Seeking, by Jules Romains

The shop-keepers on their chairs
Have marked out God along the walls,
And when the sky becomes...

Letters, by Jules Romains

THESE last few days I have not had one letter;
No one has thought of writing, in the town.

Life Unanimous, by Jules Romains

The creaking wheel of the dust cart; the stumbling horse;
At the corner of the street a crying ...

On the Causey, by Jules Romains

A GROUP dies on the causey; I am pleased
As any little lad that pelts with earth.
And now men a...

The Soul's Need, by Jules Romains

I WISH for nothing more
Than my emotion of now;
There is nothing one is bound to know,
And i...

The Street, by Jules Romains

I DID not wish to come into this street.   My heart, to be contented, needed now
A boule...