Poems by Watie W. Swanzy

Poems by Watie W. Swanzy

When the Shades of Eve, by Watie W. Swanzy

When the shades of eve are falling
O'er the earth, so broad and fair;
When the night birds ar...

Rome, Italy, by Watie W. Swanzy

O Rome, Rome! I have dreamt of thee
In my fondest dreams. I have longed to see
Thy towers amid...

Saviour, I Lift Mine Eyes, by Watie W. Swanzy

Saviour, I lift mine eyes to thee
When in the hour of deep despair;
When darkest waves roll o...

Sing, Little Birdie!, by Watie W. Swanzy

Sing, little birdie, sing
On topmost branches high!
And when thou spreadst thy airy wing,

The Snow, by Watie W. Swanzy

Oh, the white falling snow,
So still and so gentle,
Upon all you bestow
Sweet Purity's mant...

Suggested by the Statue in Lincoln Park, Washington, D.C., by Watie W. Swanzy

Gaze on thy liberator, Afric's sons!
Look upon that kindly beaming face,
See, through his ve...

Time, by Watie W. Swanzy

It is a winter's night. The clear, cold moon
O'er a snowy landscape sheds its bright beams,

Thomas Jefferson, by Watie W. Swanzy

ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF HIS BIRTH. Jefferson, whose vigorous brain didst frame
The Constitution ...

Venice, by Watie W. Swanzy

Bride of the sea! In beauty wrought
With marbles white, and carved woods brought
From distant ...

To ----, by Watie W. Swanzy

Death camest down with dark, cold hand,
And took away one of our band,
The sweetest, gentle...

The Triumph of Christ, by Watie W. Swanzy

I Hell's gates together swung with awful clang.
Through them had passed the monarch of the real...

O Heavenly Father!, by Watie W. Swanzy

O heavenly Father, God of love!
We raise our hearts to thee above,
And all our wishes tell th...

October, by Watie W. Swanzy

Sun that sheds rich mellow beams;
Misty hills with golden gleams;
Ripe red fruit in emerald h...

Music, by Watie W. Swanzy

My soul within grows sick and faint
Without thy vital air;
Thou aidst its upper, higher fligh...

The Mississippi, by Watie W. Swanzy

Majestic river! In thy onward course,
Like that stream of myriad stars that flows
Across the g...