To Juventius, by Catullus

To Juventius

A kiss in sport I once did snatch,
Juventius, my pet, from thee,
Nor could ambrosia's sweetness match
that blissful moment's ecstasy;
But I did not unpunished go,
For on a rack most grievous pain,
Thou mad'st me bear, while I did show
Excuses which were all in vain,
Ah! Well do I remember, ne'er
Could I one jot of mercy gain
An instant with my tears, for where
The kiss had lit, to wash the stain
Thou did'st thy lips with water clean,
Lest of my mouth be left a trace,
As though that sweet delight had been
Some filthy trull's impure embrace.
Thou giv'st me as a hapless prey
For ever to a fatal passion,
My happiness dost take away,
And torturest me in cruel fashion;
So that the kiss which once for me
Ambrosial joy and sweetness bore,
Is changed, till in its taste it be
More bitter than the hellebore.
If thou such punishment dost give,
For my unhappy love for thee,
No more sweet kisses while I live
Shall e'er again be snatched by me. - Catullus