Poems by Catullus

Poems by Catullus

The Agreeable Surprise, by Catullus

There's not a joy we have so strong,
As when some wish by chance is granted,
For which, thou...

Congratulations on Poverty, by Catullus

Furius, thy life no servants tease,
No chests of gold with watchings tire;
No downy bed to h...

Defense of His Amatory Poems, by Catullus

And dare ye, Profligates, arraign
The ardour of my sprightly strain,
And e'en myself asperse...

Elegy on Lesbia's Sparrow, by Catullus

Loves and Graces mourn with me,
Mourn, fair youths, where'er ye be!
Dead my Lesbia's sparrow...

The Garden God's Address, by Catullus

This farm, young passengers, these marshy meads,
This cottage thatch'd with sedge and matted ...

The Garden God's Threat, by Catullus

Form'd from the season'd poplar's heart
By the unskilful rustic's art,
From every foe and dang...

Lesbia Railing, by Catullus

Lesbia forever on me rails.
To talk of me she never fails.
Now, hang me, but for all her art,...

Lesbia's Sparrow, by Catullus

Sparrow, that art my darling's pet--
My darling's who'll frolic with thee and let
Thee nestle ...

Lines on a Wanton's Door, by Catullus

CATULLUS. Hail door! By husband loved and father too,
With Jupiter's good blessing may'st thou...

My Sweetest Lesbia, by Catullus

My sweetest Lesbia, let us live and love,
And though the sager sort our deeds reprove,
Let u...

Nuptial Song, by Catullus

YOUTHS. Lo! Hesperus is here, ye youths, arise,
His longed-for light now glitters in the ski...

On a Stupid Husband, by Catullus

Thou lively town, that wouldst with gladness see
On thy long bridge the sports of rustic glee, ...

On Berenice's Hair, by Catullus

Conon, who hath observed the mighty skies,
Where burning constellations set and rise,
Who al...

On Gellius, by Catullus

Gellius was often told
That his uncle used to scold,
If a man of pleasure talked,
Or in path...

On His Return from Spain, by Catullus

Of all the many loved by me,
Of all my friends most dear,
Verannius is thy travel o'er,