Poems by Catullus

Poems by Catullus

On Lesbia's Inconstancy, by Catullus

My mistress says, there's not a man
Of all the many that she knows,
She'd rather wed than me,...

The Yacht, by Catullus

Stranger, the bark you see before you says
That in old times and in her early days
She was a l...

Varus and His Mistress, by Catullus

As I was idling time away
Just by the Forum t' other day,
My Varus took me thence
To see the ...

True or False, by Catullus

None could ever say that she,
Lesbia! Was so loved by me.
Never all the world around
Faith so...

To Rufus, by Catullus

Thee, Rufus, once I deemed a friend,
My thoughts were vain, aye worse than vain,
Thou did'...

To Lesbia False, by Catullus

Catullus, let the wanton go!
No longer play the fool, but deem
For ever lost what thou must k...

To Juventius, by Catullus

A kiss in sport I once did snatch,
Juventius, my pet, from thee,
Nor could ambrosia's sweet...

To Himself, by Catullus

If ever men can pleasure find
When comes the past before the mind,
In thinking o'er good actio...

To Celia, by Catullus

Kiss me, sweet: the wary lover
Can your favors keep, and cover,
When the common courting jay...

To Asinius, On His Practical Jokes, by Catullus

Asinius, Marrucinian vile,
Think you, when wine gives life to jest,
'Tis wit to filch with ...

Sirmio, by Catullus

Gem of all isthmuses and isles that lie,
Fresh or salt water's children, in clear lake
Or amp...

Sappho, by Catullus

Like to a god he seems to me,
O more than god, if that may be,
The man who, seated next to ...

Remorse, by Catullus

If there be joy for him who can retrace
His life, and see some good deeds shining there,
Who ...

The Parting Message to Lesbia, by Catullus

Companions, who would gladly go
With me through every toil below
To man's remotest seats:

On the Burial of His Brother, by Catullus

By ways remote and distant waters sped,
Brother, to thy sad graveside am I come,
That I may ...