Poems by Gustave Kahn

Poems by Gustave Kahn

I Dreamed of a Cruel Lad, by Gustave Kahn

I DREAMED of a cruel lad
torturing a little bird he had,
to feel its flanks palpitate.   ...

The Dying Lover, by Gustave Kahn

SO long as the child preferred to me such and such a
        player of the f...

Homage, by Gustave Kahn

THY arms with bracelets I will deck,
and with a string of pearls thy neck,
and with my lips t...

My Own, by Gustave Kahn

MY OWN is beautiful as floated perfume is--
The other day she seemed an opening flower--
My own...

Old Wounds, by Gustave Kahn

Why pick at old wounds?
It was so long ago.
All is well finished that causes
Remembrances of s...

The Pilgrim From the East, by Gustave Kahn

IT is a pilgrim coming from the East.
There had been to seek a balmy flower
which planted, in ...

The Three Girls On the Sea-Shore, by Gustave Kahn

THE three girls on the sea-shore
have seen the Virgin mother passing
along the grave colonnades...

Transgressions, by Gustave Kahn

Forgive the transgressions of my flesh, love,
And my lying heart.
It's a cruel illusion, thi...

When the King Came To His Tower, by Gustave Kahn

WHEN the King came to his tower
the fair one came to him and said--O King   Neither the wi...

You Masks of the Masquerade, by Gustave Kahn

YOU masks of the masquerade,
pass, you are not she,
for whom my being staggers drunkenly,