Madam and the Phone Bill, by Langston Hughes

Madam and the Phone Bill

You say I O.K.edLONG DISTANCE?O.K.ed it when?My goodness, CentralThat was then!
I'm mad and disgustedWith that Negro now.I don't pay no REVERSEDCHARGES nohow.
You say, I will pay it—Else you'll take out my phone?You better letMy phone alone.
I didn't ask himTo telephone me.Roscoe knows darn wellLONG DISTANCEAin't free.
If I ever catch him,Lawd, have pity!Calling me upFrom Kansas City.
Just to say he loves me!I knowed that was so.Why didn't he tell me some'nI don't know?
For instance, what canThem other girls doThat Alberta K. JohnsonCan't do—and more, too?
What's that, Central?You say you don't careNothing about myPrivate affair?
Well, even less about yourPHONE BILL, does I care!
Un-humm-m! . . . Yes!You say I gave my O.K.?Well, that O.K. you may keep—
But I sure ain't gonna pay! - Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes