Poems by Lucretius

Poems by Lucretius

No Single Thing Abides, by Lucretius

I No single thing abides; but all things flow.
Fragment to fragment clings--the things thus gro...

The Soul Is Mortal, by Lucretius

Now come: that thou mayst able be to know
That minds and the light souls of all that live
Have ...

Substance Is Eternal, by Lucretius

This terror, then, this darkness of the mind,
Not sunrise with its flaring spokes of light,

The Void, by Lucretius

But yet creation's neither crammed nor blocked
About by body: there's in things a void
Which to...

Against the Fear of Death, by Lucretius

What has this bugbear Death to frighten man,
If souls can die, as well as bodies can?
For, a...

Atomic Motions, by Lucretius

Now come: I will untangle for thy steps
Now by what motions the begetting bodies
Of the world-s...

Character of the Atoms, by Lucretius

Bodies, again,
Are partly primal germs of things, and partly
Unions deriving from the primal...

Confutation of Other Philosophers, by Lucretius

And on such grounds it is that those who held
The stuff of things is fire, and out of fire

Infinite Worlds, by Lucretius

Once more, we all from seed celestial spring,
To all is that same father, from whom earth,

The Infinity of the Universe, by Lucretius

Now learn of what remains! More keenly hear!
And for myself, my mind is not deceived
How dark ...

Nature and Composition of the Mind, by Lucretius

First, then, I say, the mind which oft we call
The intellect, wherein is seated life's