Poems by Li Bai

Poems by Li Bai

The River Journey from White King City, by Li Bai

At dawn I left the walled city of White King,
Towering among the many colored clouds;
And cam...

The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter, by Li Bai

While my hair was still cut straight across my forehead
I played about the front gate, pulling ...

The Ruin of the Capital of Yueh, by Li Bai

Hither returned Kou Chien, the King of Yueh, in triumph;
He had destroyed the kingdom of Wu.

The Ruin of the Ku-Su Palace, by Li Bai

In the deserted garden among the crumbling walls
The willows show green again,
While the sweet...

Sorrow of the Long Gate Palace, by Li Bai

I The Northern Dipper has turned round in the sky,
And now hangs over the west tower.
In the ...

The Steep Road to Shuh, by Li Bai

Alas! How precipitous! Alas! How high!
The road to Shuh is more difficult to climb than to climb...

A Summer Day, by Li Bai

Naked I lie in the green forest of summer..
Too lazy to wave my white feathered fan.
I hang my ...

The Summit Temple, by Li Bai

Tonight I stay at the Summit Temple.
Here I could pluck the stars with my hand,
I dare not spe...

Three with the Moon and His Shadow, by Li Bai

With a jar of wine I sit by the flowering trees.
I drink alone, and where are my friends?
Ah, ...

To His Friend Departing for Shuh, by Li Bai

I hear the Tsang-tsung road
Is rough and rugged, and hard to travel.
It is so steep that the m...

To His Three Friends, by Li Bai

When the hunter sets traps only for rabbits,
Tigers and dragons are left uncaught.
Even so, m...

To His Two Children, by Li Bai

In the land of Wu the mulberry leaves are green,
And thrice the silkworms have gone to sleep.

The Women of Yueh, by Li Bai

I She is a southern girl of Chang-kan Town;
Her face is prettier than star or moon,
And whit...

The Yo-Mei Mountain Moon, by Li Bai

The autumn moon is half round above the Yo-mei Mountain;
Its pale light falls in and flows with...