Poems by Li Bai

Poems by Li Bai

The Fair Queen of Wu, by Li Bai

The breeze passes through the lotus flowers--
All fragrance is the waterside pavilion.
The king...

A Farewell Song of White Clouds, by Li Bai

The white clouds float over the mountains of Chu--
As over the mountains of Chin.
Everywhere th...

The Girl of Pa Speaks, by Li Bai

The water of the River Pa is swift like an arrow;
The boat on the River Pa slips away
As if it...

Awakening from Sleep on a Spring Day, by Li Bai

Life is an immense dream. Why toil?
All day long I drowse with wine,
And lie by the post at ...

I am a Peach Tree, by Li Bai

I am a peach tree blossoming in a deep pit.
Who is there I may turn to and smile?
You are the m...

The Imperial Concubine, by Li Bai

When a little child,
She was reared in a golden house,
Now ripe and lovely, she dwells
In t...

In the Mountains, by Li Bai

Why do I live among the green mountains?
I laugh and answer not, my soul is serene:
It dwells...

Lady Yang Kuei-Fei at the Imperial Feast of the Peony, by Li Bai

The glory of trailing clouds is in her garments,
And the radiance of a flower on her face.
O h...

Lady Yang Kuei-Fei at the Imperial Feast of the Peony (II),by Li Bai

She is the flowering branch of the peony,
Richly-laden with honey-dew.
Hers is the charm of th...

Lady Yang Kuei-Fei at the Imperial Feast of the Peony (III),by Li Bai

She stands, leaning against the balustrade
Of Chen-hsiang Ting, the Pavilion of Aloes.

The Long-Departed Lover, by Li Bai

Fair one, when you were here, I filled the house with flowers.
Fair one, now you are gone--on...

The Lotus, by Li Bai

In the deep sequestered stream the lotus grows,
Blooming fresh and fair in the morning sun.

Maid of Wu, by Li Bai

Wine of the grapes,
Goblets of gold--
And a pretty maid of Wu--
She comes on pony-back: she i...

The Night of Sorrow, by Li Bai

A lovely woman rolls up
The delicate bamboo blind.
She sits deep within,
Twitching her moth e...