Poems by Conrad Aiken

Poems by Conrad Aiken

The Rejection, by Conrad Aiken

Sitting in a café, and watching her reflection
Smoke a cigarette, or drinking coffee,

Rose and Murray, by Conrad Aiken

After the movie, when the lights come up,
He takes her powdered hand behind the wings;
She, ...

Silent Torrents, by Conrad Aiken

How is it that I am now so softly awakened,
My leaves shaken down with music?--
Darling, I lo...

Sonata in Pathos, by Conrad Aiken

I Well, I am tired.. Tired of all these years,
The hazy mornings, the noons, the misty even...

To My Wife, by Conrad Aiken

Whatever loveliness is in this music,
Whatever yearning after lovely things, --
Whatever cryin...

Two McNeils, by Conrad Aiken

He skips out lithe and tense into the light,
Throws off his gown, and smiling, lifts his hand...

Variations: I, by Conrad Aiken

The moon distills a soft blue light,
The moon distills silence.
Black clouds huddle across the...

Variations: II, by Conrad Aiken

Green light, from the moon,
Pours over the dark blue trees,
Green light from the autumn moon...

Variations: III, by Conrad Aiken

Wind in the sunlit trees, and the red leaves fall:
Shadows of leaves on the sunlit wall.

Variations: IV, by Conrad Aiken

Here alone, unknown, in the darkness,
I watched you whirling above your shadow,
Soft in saf...

Variations: V, by Conrad Aiken

From the cold fountain's sunlit lip
A shining film of water spreads,
It is shot with sun, it ...

Variations: VI, by Conrad Aiken

You are as beautiful as white clouds
Flowing among bright stars at night:
You are as beautiful...

Variations: VII, by Conrad Aiken

Red leaf, red leaf, falling to float
On the blue water among the cold clouds..
If I were a ch...

Variations: VIII, by Conrad Aiken

In the mazes of loitering people, the watchful and furtive,
the shadows of tree-trunks and sha...

Variations: IX, by Conrad Aiken

Moonlight, and shadows of leaves
On the white wall above me--
The shadows gallop and swirl wit...