Poems by Conrad Aiken

Poems by Conrad Aiken

Boardman and Coffin, by Conrad Aiken

I told him straight, if he touched me, just once more, --
The way, you know, --I'd kill him. ...

The Cornet, by Conrad Aiken

When she came out, that white little Russian dancer,
With her bright hair, and her eyes so yo...

Dancing Adairs, by Conrad Aiken

Behold me, in my chiffon, gauze, and tinsel,
Flitting out of the shadow into the spotlight, ...

Discord, by Conrad Aiken

The hurdy-gurdy sings in the golden morning;
In the hazy morning,
It sings to the budding tre...

Discordants: I, by Conrad Aiken

Music I heard with you was more than music,
And bread I broke with you was more than bread;

Discordants: II, by Conrad Aiken

My heart has become as hard as a city street,
The horses trample upon it, it sings like iron, ...

Discordants: III, by Conrad Aiken

Vermilioned mouth, tired with many kisses,
Eyes, that have lighted for so many eyes, --
Are ...

1915: The Trenches, by Conrad Aiken

I All night long, it has seemed for many years,
We have heard the terrible sound of guns,

Discordants: V, by Conrad Aiken

In the noisy street,
Where the sifted sunlight yellows the pallid faces,
Sudden I close my ey...

Duval's Birds, by Conrad Aiken

The parrot, screeching, flew out into the darkness,
Circled three times above the upturned fa...

Episode in Grey, by Conrad Aiken

I So, to begin with, dust blows down the street,
In lazy clouds and swirls, and after that

Gabriel de Ford, by Conrad Aiken

He slips in through the stage-door, always singing;
Still singing, he slips out, without a w...

Innocence, by Conrad Aiken

The little leaves that climbed so high
Are blown down headlong from the sky,
They are pelted a...

Laughter, by Conrad Aiken

(Youth Speaks to His Own Old Age)   You, whom these eyes, no longer mine,
Shall see in ...

Nocturne In a Minor Key, by Conrad Aiken

I I will say: I walked alone in whistling darkness.
Or heard a rush of rain through windless ai...