Poems by Conrad Aiken

Poems by Conrad Aiken

Variations: IV, by Conrad Aiken

Here alone, unknown, in the darkness,
I watched you whirling above your shadow,
Soft in saf...

Variations: V, by Conrad Aiken

From the cold fountain's sunlit lip
A shining film of water spreads,
It is shot with sun, it ...

Variations: VI, by Conrad Aiken

You are as beautiful as white clouds
Flowing among bright stars at night:
You are as beautiful...

Variations: VII, by Conrad Aiken

Red leaf, red leaf, falling to float
On the blue water among the cold clouds..
If I were a ch...

Variations: VIII, by Conrad Aiken

In the mazes of loitering people, the watchful and furtive,
the shadows of tree-trunks and sha...

Variations: IX, by Conrad Aiken

Moonlight, and shadows of leaves
On the white wall above me--
The shadows gallop and swirl wit...

Variations: X, by Conrad Aiken

Queen cleopatra, now grown old,
Watched the green grass turning brown..
The river is shrunk t...

Variations: XI, by Conrad Aiken

This night I dreamed that you shone before me
Colder and paler than rose-flushed marble,
With ...

Variations: XII, by Conrad Aiken

Wind, wind, wind in the old trees,
Whispering prophecies all night long..
What do the grey l...

Variations: XIII, by Conrad Aiken

Blue waves are driven by wind,
The leaves are driven,
And the clouds go hurrying dizzily over...

Discordants: IV, by Conrad Aiken

Dead Cleopatra lies in a crystal casket,
Wrapped and spiced by the cunningest of hands.

Aerial Dodds, by Conrad Aiken

Ingratitude--the damned ingratitude!
After these years, and all he'd done for him,
To run awa...

Amorosa and Company, by Conrad Aiken

Well, there was still a sure hand, anyway,
When she stood up alone, in a casket of light,

The Apollo Trio, by Conrad Aiken

From acting profile parts in the "legit, "
He came to this; and he is sick of it.
The singing p...

Bain's Cats and Rats, by Conrad Aiken

Quiet, and almost bashful, and seldom looking
Into the rows of eyes below and above,
He went...