The Partridge, by John Burroughs

The Partridge

List the booming from afar,
Soft as hum of roving bee,
Vague as when on distant bar
Fall the cataracts of the sea.   Yet again, a sound astray,
Was it the humming of the mill?
Was it cannon leagues away?
Or dynamite beyond the hill?   'T is the grouse with kindled soul,
Wistful of his mate and nest,
Sounding forth his vernal roll
On his love-enkindled breast.   List his fervid morning drum,
List his summons soft and deep,
Calling spice-bush till she come,
Waking bloodroot from her sleep.   Ah! Ruffled drummer, let thy wings
Beat a march the days will heed,
Wake and spur the tardy spring,
Till minstrel voices jocund ring,
And spring is spring in very deed. - John Burroughs

John Burroughs