Four Acres, by David Ray

Four Acres

The new owners call them
virgin--their four acres   of desert--soon deflowered
by bulldozers, jackhammers   and posts driven in. A rattle
snake wanders in, not aware   he has been evicted
after a few million years.   Though he has no brows
I would swear he reared up   and raised them--a snake
afflicted with perplexity.   What has become here
of home? A call is put in   for the exterminator,
who has already dealt   with the cougar, coyote,
mountain lion, javelina   and quail. The wife dreams
of herself as Eve   in a garden, a snake
crawling near, wrapping   around her. His face
bears a resembance to Satan.   She wakes her husband
to tell him. (c) 2009 by David Ray   "Four Acres" appears in The Anthology of New England Writers 2004 as an Editor's Choice. - David Ray