Poems by William Wordsworth

Poems by William Wordsworth

To the Daisy II, by William Wordsworth

Bright Flower! Whose home is everywhere,
Bold in maternal Nature's care,
And all the long yea...

To the Daisy (IV),by William Wordsworth

Sweet Flower! Belike one day to have
A place upon thy Poet's grave,
I welcome thee once more: ...

To the Men of Kent. October, 1803, by William Wordsworth

Vanguard of Liberty, ye men of Kent,
Ye children of a Soil that doth advance
Her haughty brow...

To the Same Flower, by William Wordsworth

Pleasures newly found are sweet
When they lie about our feet:
February last, my heart
First ...

To the Small Celandine, by William Wordsworth

Pansies, lilies, kingcups, daisies,
Let them live upon their praises;
Long as there's a su...

To Toussaint L'Ouverture, by William Wordsworth

Toussaint, the most unhappy man of men!
Whether the whistling Rustic tend his plough
Within th...

The Town of Schwytz, by William Wordsworth

By antique Fancy trimmed--though lowly, bred
To dignity--in thee, O SCHWYTZ! Are seen
The gen...

The Two April Mornings, by William Wordsworth

We walked along, while bright and red
Uprose the morning sun;
And Matthew stopped, he looke...

Vaudracour and Julia, by William Wordsworth

O happy time of youthful lovers (thus
My story may begin) O balmy time,
In which a love-knot o...

The Waggoner, by William Wordsworth

Canto the First 'Tis spentthis burning day of June!
Soft darkness o'er its latest gleams is ste...

The Waterfall and the Eglantine, by William Wordsworth

I "Begone, thou fond presumptuous Elf, "
Exclaimed an angry Voice,
"Nor dare to thrust thy f...

We Are Seven, by William Wordsworth

A simple Child,
That lightly draws its breath,
And feels its life in every limb,
What shoul...

When I Have Borne in Memory What has Tamed, by William Wordsworth

When I have borne in memory what has tamed
Great Nations, how ennobling thoughts depart
When m...

When, to the Attractions of the Busy World, by William Wordsworth

When, to the attractions of the busy world,
Preferring studious leisure, I had chosen
A habi...

A Whirl-blast from Behind the Hill, by William Wordsworth

A whirl-blast from behind the hill
Rushed o'er the wood with startling sound;
Thenall at once ...