Poems by Robert Browning

Poems by Robert Browning

Incident of the French Camp, by Robert Browning

You know, we French stormed Ratisbon:
A mile or so away
On a little mound, Napoleon
Stood ...

Instans Tyrannus, by Robert Browning

Of the million or two, more or less,
I rule and possess,
One man, for some cause undefined,...

The Italian in England, by Robert Browning

That second time they hunted me
From hill to plain, from shore to sea,
And Austria, houndi...

The Laboratory, by Robert Browning

ANCIEN RÉ GIME Now that I, tying thy glass mask tightly,
May gaze through these faint ...

Home-Thoughts, From the Sea, by Robert Browning

Nobly, nobly, Cape Saint Vincent to the Northwest died away;
Sunset ran, one glorious blood-...

Apparitions, by Robert Browning

Such a starved bank of moss
Till, that May-morn,
Blue ran the flash across:
Violets were b...

Appearances, by Robert Browning

1 AND so you found that poor room dull,
Dark, hardly to your taste, my dear?
Its features s...

Arcades Ambo, by Robert Browning

A: You blame me that I ran away?
Why, Sir, the enemy advanced:
Balls flew about, and--who c...

Bad Dreams: I, by Robert Browning

LAST night I saw you in my sleep:
And how your charm of face was changed!
I asked "Some love, ...

Bad Dreams: II, by Robert Browning

YOU in the flesh and here--
Your very self! Now, wait!
One word! May I hope or fear?
Must I s...

Bad Dreams: III, by Robert Browning

THIS was my dream: I saw a Forest
Old as the earth, no track nor trace
Of unmade man. Thou, S...

Bad Dreams: IV, by Robert Browning

IT happened thus: my slab, though new,
Was getting weather-stained, --beside,
Herbage, balm...

Bifurcation, by Robert Browning

WE were two lovers; let me lie by her,
My tomb beside her tomb. On hers inscribe--
"I loved hi...

The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed's Church, by Robert Browning

ROME, 15 Vanity, saith the preacher, vanity!
Draw round my bed: is Anselm keeping back?

The Boy and the Angel, by Robert Browning

Morning, evening, noon, and night,
"Praise God!" sang Theocrite.   Then to his poor t...