Poems by Albert Laighton

Poems by Albert Laighton

Flowers, by Albert Laighton

They are autographs of angels, penned
In Nature's green-leaved book, in blended tints,

Found Dead, by Albert Laighton

Found dead! Dead and alone!
There was nobody near, nobody near
When the Outcast died on his pi...

In the Starlight, by Albert Laighton

Ye fadeless flowers that gem the fields of Space,
Unseen by mortal eyes what time the Day

In the Woods, by Albert Laighton

I walked alone in depths of Autumn woods;
The ruthless winds had left the maple bare;
The fer...

An Invocation, by Albert Laighton

Restless phantoms haunt my brain!
Come and ease my nameless pain,
Sleep--sweet sleep.
I would...

The Love of God, by Albert Laighton

All human love is a faint type of God's;
An echoing note from a harmonious whole;
A feeble sp...

May-Flowers, by Albert Laighton

Children of the pathless wood,
Dwelling in deep solitude,
Born of earth and blessed of heaven...

The Missing Ships, by Albert Laighton

O, thou ever restless sea,
"God's half-uttered mystery, "
Where are all the ships that sailed...

My Native River, by Albert Laighton

Like an azure vein from the heart of the main,
Pulsing with joy forever,
By verdurous Isles, ...

The Mystery, by Albert Laighton

I saw a wonderful light--
Watching the midnight sky--
Leap suddenly into the voiceless dark,

The Necropolis, by Albert Laighton

Though the sexton, grim and old,
Turns the mould,
Damp and cold,
In the churchyard, for t...

New England, by Albert Laighton

What though they boast of fairer lands,
Give me New England's hallowed soil,
The fearless hea...

Oak and Vine, by Albert Laighton

Far out upon the lonely wold
There stands an oak tree sere and old;   The sunshine and th...