Consummation, by Witter Bynner


There was a strangeness on her lips,
Lips that had been so sure;
She still was mine but in eclipse,
Beside me but obscure.   There was a cloud upon her heart;
For, where my Celia lay,
Death came to break her life apart,
Had led her love away.   Through the cold distance of her eyes
She could no longer see.
But when she died, she heard me rise
And followed quietly--   And close beside me, looking down
As I did on the dead,
She made of time a wedding-gown,
Of space a marriage-bed.   I took, in her, death for a wife,
She married death in me..
And now there is no other life,
No other God than we! - Witter Bynner

Witter Bynner