from New English Canaan [The Poem], by Thomas Morton

from New English Canaan [The Poem]

Rise Oedipeus, and, if thou canst, unfouldWhat meanes Caribdis underneath the mould,When Scilla sollitary on the ground(Sitting in forme of Niobe) was found,Till Amphitrites Darling did acquaintGrim Neptune with the Tenor of her plaint,And causd him send forth Triton with the soundOf Trumpet lowd, at which the Seas were foundSo full of Protean formes that the bold shorePresented Scilla a new parramoreSo stronge as Sampson and so patientAs Job himselfe, directed thus, by fate,To comfort Scilla so unfortunate.I doe professe, by Cupids beautious mother,Heres Scogans choise for Scilla, and none other;Though Scilla’s sick with greife, because no signeCan there be found of vertue masculine.Esculapius come; I know right wellHis laboure’s lost when you may ring her Knell.The fatall sisters doome none can withstand,nor Cithareas powre, who poynts to landWith proclamation that the first of MayAt Ma-re Mount shall be kept hollyday. - Thomas Morton

Thomas Morton