That Explains It, by Joe Roye

That Explains It

God xeroxes a sentient being and faxes it to earth.
God xeroxes another sentient being and faxes it to earth.
God runs low on toner.
god squishes a slightly less developed sentient being and swishes it to earth.   God's lips get dry, so he slips into the back for a bathroom break nip.
After he sways back, he forgets to wipe the dust-covered glass.
God smudges a slightly fuzzily developed sentient being and slings it to earth.   God punches the time clock and goes to lunch.   The temp wants to impress the Boss, work through lunch..
Flish! Flesh! Flush!
Six billion too many sentient beings are shotgunned to earth,
very fuzzy and under-developed. - Joe Roye