Poems by Walt Whitman

Poems by Walt Whitman

A Song of the Rolling Earth, by Walt Whitman

1 A song of the rolling earth, and of words according,
Were you thinking that those were the...

Song of the Universal, by Walt Whitman

1 Come said the Muse,
Sing me a song no poet yet has chanted,
Sing me the universal.  ...

Soon Shall the Winter's Foil Be Here, by Walt Whitman

Soon shall the winter's foil be here;
Soon shall these icy ligatures unbind and melt--A little ...

Spain, 1873-74, by Walt Whitman

Out of the murk of heaviest clouds,
Out of the feudal wrecks and heap'd-up skeletons of kings, ...

Sparkles from the Wheel, by Walt Whitman

Where the city's ceaseless crowd moves on the livelong day,
Withdrawn I join a group of childre...

Spirit That Form'd This Scene, by Walt Whitman

[Written in Platte Canyon, Colorado]   Spirit that form'd this scene,
These tumbled rock...

Spirit Whose Work Is Done [Washington City, 1865], by Walt Whitman

Spirit whose work is done--spirit of dreadful hours!
Ere departing fade from my eyes your forest...

Spontaneous Me, by Walt Whitman

Spontaneous me, Nature,
The loving day, the mounting sun, the friend I am happy with,
The ...

Starting from Paumanok, by Walt Whitman

1 Starting from fish-shape Paumanok where I was born,
Well-begotten, and rais'd by a perfect...

Tears, by Walt Whitman

Tears! Tears! Tears!
In the night, in solitude, tears,
On the white shore dripping, drippin...

Tests, by Walt Whitman

All submit to them where they sit, inner, secure, unapproachable to
analysis in the soul,

Thanks in Old Age, by Walt Whitman

Thanks in old age--thanks ere I go,
For health, the midday sun, the impalpable air--for life,...

That Music Always Round Me, by Walt Whitman

That music always round me, unceasing, unbeginning, yet long
untaught I did not hear,
But n...

There Was a Child Went Forth, by Walt Whitman

There was a child went forth every day,
And the first object he look'd upon, that object he be...

These I Singing in Spring, by Walt Whitman

These I singing in spring collect for lovers,
(For who but I should understand lovers and all t...