Poems by Virgil

Poems by Virgil

Meliboeus, by Virgil

Daphnis beneath a whispering holm reclined,
And near him Corydon and Thyrsis join'd
Their floc...

The Messiah, by Virgil

Sicilian Muse, begin a loftier strain!
Tho' lowly shrubs, and trees that shade the plain,

O Virgin, by Virgil

O virgin! Or what other name you bear
Above that style--O more than mortal fair!
Your voice and...

Pharmaceutria, by Virgil

The tale of love Alphesiboeus sung
And Damon, when the heifer wondering hung
(Forgetful of her...

Pollio, by Virgil

Muses of Sicily, a loftier strain
Be ours: the lowly offspring of the plain,
Shrubs and the h...

Priam's Fate, by Virgil

Perhaps you may of Priam's fate inquire.
He--when he saw his regal town on fire,
His ruin'd pa...

Silenus, by Virgil

First breathed my Muse the Syracusan strain,
Nor blush'd to dwell amidst the woodland train.

Alexis, by Virgil

Alexis, beauteous, and his lord's delight,
Was loved by Corydon, in hope's despite.
Oft 'mi...

Gallus, by Virgil

This closing effort, Arethusa, aid;
A few brief strains be to my Gallus paid:
What bard to ...

Georgic I, by Virgil

Whence joyful harvests spring, what heav'nly sign
Invites the plough, and weds to elms the vin...

Georgic II, by Virgil

Thus far the tilth of fields and stars of heaven;
Now will I sing thee, Bacchus, and, with t...

Georgic III, by Virgil

Thee too, great Pales, will I hymn, and thee,
Amphrysian shepherd, worthy to be sung,

Georgic IV, by Virgil

Of air-born honey, gift of heaven, I now
Take up the tale. Upon this theme no less
Look thou,...