Poems by Teresa Hooley

Poems by Teresa Hooley

Arcadia, by Teresa Hooley

Bareheaded to winds of summer,
Through the sun-flecked wood you ran,
And sudden a veil was li...

Beauty Eternal, by Teresa Hooley

To-day I saw a butterfly,
The first-born of the Spring,
Sunning itself upon a bank--
A lo...

The Charnwood Hills, by Teresa Hooley

I have known moors and mountains,
And many a wind-swept height,
But the little hills of Charn...

Christ in Woolworth's, by Teresa Hooley

I did not think to find you there--
Crucifixes, large and small,
Sixpence and threepence, on...

Columbines, by Teresa Hooley

Airily poised in the garden bed,
Delicate saffron, white and rose,
With gossamer petals ligh...

A Daffodil Day, by Teresa Hooley

All day long blew the daffodils,
Oh, what a sight to see,
A myriad gold-gowned daffodils,

Dawn: Upper Egypt, by Teresa Hooley

Gleam on gleam in the veilè d dawn
The feet of the Gods are but half withdrawn;
The Col...

Dilettanti, by Teresa Hooley

They came with gushing platitudes
To "study Nature" in my woods,
That they might, to their gr...

Epiphany, by Teresa Hooley

To-night out in the darkness
The wind is loud and high--
I saw a star go falling
Along the win...

In a Wild Garden, by Teresa Hooley

Men cut down the trees here,
Years ago.
Now it is all Beauty:
Brambles blow,
Rose bay will...

Inheritance, by Teresa Hooley

The shadow of a flying bird
Dark on a dew-white lawn,
And all the heart of me is stirred
By b...

A Legend of Gethsemane, by Teresa Hooley

"Oh, who is this that seeks at night
The ways of green Gethsemane?
Oh, who is this that prays...

Night Wind: Egypt, by Teresa Hooley

We woke and watched the stars all jewel-bright.
Sudden I heard, as I lay lover-warm
In the enc...

Nurseries, by Teresa Hooley

I love the nurseries,
Where, all arow,
The trees stand up and grow--
The little trees:

Our Lady of the Wood, by Teresa Hooley

Softly through the little wood
Came the Queen of Heaven;
Paused, and stood.
Bluebells deep a...