Poems by Su Shi

Poems by Su Shi

The Arbour to Joyful Rain, by Su Shi

Should Heaven rain pearls, the cold cannot wear them as clothes;
Should Heaven rain jade, the...

Flower Shadows, by Su Shi

Thickly o'er the jasper terrace flower shadows play;
In vain I call my garden boy to sweep them...

Kwok Lun: A Forgotten Knight of Old, by Su Shi

A warrior bold,
In Ho Sai old;
Alas! But no one knows him now.
Athwart the stream
Where wat...

Listening to a Lute in a Boat, by Su Shi

In my boat I sat alone,
And the hours were fast in flight,
When the sound of music broke

Mid-Autumn Moon, by Su Shi

Sunset clouds gather in the clear cold distance;
The stars are silent--I turn to my jade plate....

On the Birth of His Son, by Su Shi

Families, when a child is born,
Want it to be intelligent.
I, through intelligence,

Remembrance, by Su Shi

To what can one compare our life on earth?
To a flock of geese
Waddling about in the snow

The Song of the Cranes, by Su Shi

Away! Away! My birds, fly westwards now,
To wheel on high and gaze on all below;
To swoop to...

Spring Evening, by Su Shi

A spring evening--one priceless moment.
The smell of fresh flowers and the glow of the moon.

The Stork, by Su Shi

In my garden dwells a stork,
Docile, coming at a word.
'Hark! I call thee; come my stork, '