Poems by Stuart Merrill

Poems by Stuart Merrill

The Flower of the Heart, by Stuart Merrill

OTHERS may roses sing,
The flower of the heart is distress.
O! Life is a dreary thing,
When ...

Lohengrin, by Stuart Merrill

WHILE heralds are unfolding, hot with haste,
The Emperor's banners crimsoning the day,
The n...

The Maiden at the Fountain, by Stuart Merrill

LOVE'S daughters bend above the silent source,
Where mystic nenufars that hide their stem

Music in the Night, by Stuart Merrill

Weary of that nocturnal silence
At which her love took fright,
The silent-souled Princess

Rings, by Stuart Merrill

RINGS of high heroes casqued for combat, rings
Whose rubies like Hell's blood and brimstone gla...

Royalty, by Stuart Merrill

I AM that king of olden times
Whose city sleeps under the sea,
With its iron bells that heavil...

Seven Princesses, by Stuart Merrill

AROUND a fountain sitting seven princesses,
Sadly their hand upon their chin they leant;

Solitude, by Stuart Merrill

Dead kings are said to have trodden this path
Leading to the stone bench where we like to sit,

To Emile Verhaeren, by Stuart Merrill

VERHAEREN, name like the loud clash of spears
Rung to some barbarous monarch in the night,

Waiting, by Stuart Merrill

If you have come to give me faith in life
Bring to my sad sojourn,
Ascending on the stairway o...

When Marjoram Dies, by Stuart Merrill

WHEN marjoram dies, in winds that blow,
And your wheel begins its humming,
I feel that my dr...

The White Peacock, by Stuart Merrill

THE white peacock in the blue night crying
Feels that the breeze pale cherry-blossoms spills