Poems by Stephen Crane

Poems by Stephen Crane

The Successful Man, by Stephen Crane

The successful man has thrust himself
Through the water of the years,
Reeking wet with mistake...

A Woman's Arms, by Stephen Crane

God lay dead in Heaven;
Angels sang the hymn of the end;
Purple winds went moaning,
Their w...

The Wayfarer, by Stephen Crane

The wayfarer,
Perceiving the pathway to truth,
Was struck with astonishment.
It was thickly ...

War is Kind, by Stephen Crane

Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind.
Because your lover threw wild hands toward the sky
And ...

War, by Stephen Crane

There was crimson clash of war.
Lands turned black and bare;
Women wept;
Babes ran, wonderi...

The Voice of God, by Stephen Crane

The livid lightning flashed in the clouds;
The leaden thunders crashed.
A worshipper raised hi...

Truth, by Stephen Crane

"Truth, " said a traveller,
"Is a rock, a mighty fortress;
Often have I been to it,
Even t...

Thy White Arms, by Stephen Crane

Should the wide world roll away,
Leaving Black Terror,
Limitless night,
Nor God, nor man, ...

Things from My Heart, by Stephen Crane

Many red devils ran from my heart
And out upon the page,
They were so tiny
The pen could mash...

Black Waves, by Stephen Crane

I explain the silvered passing of a ship at night,
The sweep of each sad lost wave,
The dwind...

A Rite in the Desert, by Stephen Crane

On the desert
A silence from the moon's deepest valley.
Fire rays fall athwart the robes
Of ho...

Once Loved, by Stephen Crane

I have seen thy face aflame
For love of me,
Thy fair arms go mad,
Thy lips tremble and mutte...

More Tender Lands, by Stephen Crane

Friend, your white beard sweeps the ground.
Why do you stand, expectant?
Do you hope to see i...

A Life of Fire, by Stephen Crane

There was a man who lived a life of fire.
Even upon the fabric of Time,
Where purple becomes o...

The King of the Seas, by Stephen Crane

The Ocean said to me once,
Yonder on the shore
Is a woman, weeping.
I have watched h...