Poems by Sophocles

Poems by Sophocles

Man, by Sophocles

Chorus from Antigone I Many the forms of life,
Wondrous and strange to see,
But nought than...

Wives, by Sophocles

No greater evil can a man endure
Than a bad wife, nor find a greater good
Than one both good a...

Wisdom, by Sophocles

Chorus from Antigone Man's highest blessedness,
In wisdom chiefly stands;
And in the things ...

The Wheel of God, by Sophocles

In many a turning of the wheel of God
My fate revolves and changes all its mood;
E'en as the m...

Wealth, by Sophocles

Riches gain friends, gain honours--further still,
Gain highest sovereignty for those who sit

The Vine of Bacchus, by Sophocles

There stretcheth by the sea
A fair Euboean shore, and o'er it creeps
The vine of Bacchus, eac...

Undying Love, by Sophocles

Chorus from Antigone O Love, in every battle victor owned;
Now on a maiden's soft and bloomin...

Song of Philoctetes, by Sophocles

Chorus from Philoctetes I O cave of hollow rock,
Now hot, now icy cold,
And I was doomed, ...

A Sailor's Life, by Sophocles

A weary life is that the sailors lead,
To whom no gift from Heaven or Fortune sent
Could offer...

Return of the Hero, by Sophocles

Chorus from The Maidens of Trachis I Soon will the clear-voiced flute return to you
With no un...

Prosperity of the Godless, by Sophocles

Strange is it that the godless, who have sprung
From evil-doers, should fare prosperously,

Prosperity and Fate, by Sophocles

We should not speak of one that prospers well
As happy, till his life have run its course,

Parting Words, by Sophocles

From Philoctetes Come, then, I leave this isle,
And speak my parting words:
Farewell, O r...

Old Age and Youth, by Sophocles

Chorus from Oedipus at Colonus What man is he that yearneth
For length unmeasured of days?

Agamemnon's Vengeance, by Sophocles

Chorus from Electra I If wisdom fail me not,
As seer misled by doubtful auguries,
And wanti...