Poems by Sean Barnett

Poems by Sean Barnett

Enlistment, by Sean Barnett

I did it because I was a horrible student. I
Did it for the money. I
or maybe it was so you wou...

Paratrooper, by Sean Barnett

Deteriorating cartilage,
torn meniscus,
bruising of the femur.   arthritic diagnosis,...

A Soldier's Thoughts: Before Breakfast, by Sean Barnett

You weren’ t the first,
God knows you weren’ t the last   Of all the others,...

Very Unhealthy, by Sean Barnett

I double, then triple
painkiller prescription.
Under my blankets
I float
a foot above my be...

War Hero, by Sean Barnett

When we got off the plane-
After a year in Iraq,
There were flags and banners,
They read,