Poems by Robert Leighton

Poems by Robert Leighton

Late Spring, by Robert Leighton

Spring is with us by the sun,
Yet it has not given us one
Little snow-drop to remind us
That ...

Withering Lilies, by Robert Leighton

And must ye pass away,
Yellow waving lilies?
Greener grow the woodland alleys,
Greener, gre...

To Sleep, by Robert Leighton

O Sleep! Would that thou'dst seek my lonesome bed;
Night deepens, I am wearied watching now;

Summer Resurrection, by Robert Leighton

When Nature crouches from the biting air,
And even thought is paralyzed by winter,
I feel my ...

Self-Summoning, by Robert Leighton

Be it our custom to retire inside
The framework of our being, and isolate,
Within ourselves, ...

The Night's Unruly, by Robert Leighton

The night's unruly, rude, unruly;
It will neither hold nor bind.
Every airt has sent a wind;...

The Lonely Isle, by Robert Leighton

I know an isle in the desert sea,
Where many a time I long to be.
Like a child in its mother's...

Little Kate, by Robert Leighton

A winking, blinking, little thing,
Full of deep-eyed witcherie;
Full of artless rollicking,...

The Light of Stars, by Robert Leighton

The soul feels kindred in the light of stars,
And draws unto their glory, near and far--
The ...

John Frost, by Robert Leighton

The arch-eyed sun stands in the east, amazed
To find the earth white-sheeted like a ghost,

Go Home, Go Home, by Robert Leighton

It is closing hour--I will work no more.
Now time is my own, since my work is o'er.
I hear the...

God Ever Near, by Robert Leighton

What sunshine falls around the darkest lot--
How soon its haunting spectres disappear--
When th...

Abraham Lincoln, by Robert Leighton

"Sic semper tyrannis!" the assassin cried,
As Lincoln fell. O villain! Who than he
More lived ...

The Fog, by Robert Leighton

And is this day, or is it night,
That is neither dark nor light?   Day is dead and laid ...

The Blustering Night, by Robert Leighton

The wind burst, like an enemy at night,
Into our town, and battled in the streets,
While pe...