Poems by Robert Gilfillan

Poems by Robert Gilfillan

Lines on Hearing the Great Organ at Haarlem, by Robert Gilfillan

August 5, 1849 Vast fount of sound--whence is thy power?
Æ olus breathes in thee,
In t...

Lines Written in Restalrig Church Yard, by Robert Gilfillan

October 8, 1848 Remote, romantic, solitary spot,
Where sleep the dead--removed, but not fo...

A Sabbath Among the Moorlands, by Robert Gilfillan

Inscribed to his friend the Rev. Mr Cruickshank, Minister of Manor Parish, Peeblesshire. The S...

'Twas Not the Song, by Robert Gilfillan

'Twas not the song, 'twas not the dance,
That charmed me in the pictured hall,
But 'twas the...

The Withered Rose, by Robert Gilfillan

On finding one in the author's copy of Dante. The rose lies withered, once so fair--
The rose ...

By Roslin's Ancient Towers, by Robert Gilfillan

By Roslin's ancient towers,
Where Esk steals slowly to the sea,
'Twas there ae morn in simmer...

Eliza, by Robert Gilfillan

Eliza! Fairest, dearest treasure,
Hear my vows and list my prayer,
In thy presence there's a...

The First Rose of Summer, by Robert Gilfillan

'Tis the first rose of summer that ope's to my view,
With its bright crimson bosom all bathed i...

The German Student's Return, by Robert Gilfillan

The Rhine! The Rhine! Beloved river,
We have traversed many strand,
Now returning, we shall ...

The Happy Days o' Youth, by Robert Gilfillan

O! The happy days o' youth are fast gaun by,
And age is coming on, wi' its bleak winter sky;

I Have Dreamed of Thee, by Robert Gilfillan

I have dreamed of thee in the silent night,
When Nature was hushed in repose;
I have thought ...