Poems by Rich Reith

Poems by Rich Reith

An Alternate World, by Rich Reith

Do you believe in alternate worlds,
in other dimensions?
I do
I'm there   I am a ghost

Daddy, by Rich Reith

When he first cradled her in his arms,
he began to comprehend
heaven.   As he watched he...

Soulmate, by Rich Reith

He saw her over the gulf of eternity
Sitting under the great oak.
Her body swathed in white chi...

Woman, by Rich Reith

And it came to pass that a Holy Man roamed the earth.
He came to a small town
And the men came ...

"You Have Cancer", by Rich Reith

The eyes
I could write books about the eyes
And I knew
I knew
The sad eyes of a doctor
and y...