Poems by Ray Heinrich

Poems by Ray Heinrich

beer bottles, by Ray Heinrich

As we came in to work last week we found the floor of our office
(all 17 cubicles of it) so cov...

the blessings of night, by Ray Heinrich

dreaming of home towns
near warm coasts
where they used to drill for oil
and it seems to be la...

finally got a real job, by Ray Heinrich

Living a bit west of washington d.c.
has nothing to do with my finally
having gotten a real jo...

gone, by Ray Heinrich

so which side of the joke
happened to land where?
you were in the next room
and i was in here

having drunk too much, by Ray Heinrich

again   my aunt dot was an alcoholic   but what could she do in the days before lithium...

joining jesus, by Ray Heinrich

i was joining jesus to his cross
using galvanized 6 inch decking screws
and the cordless drill

kosovan stories, by Ray Heinrich

(stolen from email) i run into a store to hide
and i see a man
holding a dead child
and the...

reconnaissance, by Ray Heinrich

(parts stolen from WWII letters) so we decided
i guess it was the right time to decide
the ri...

such bright new stars, by Ray Heinrich

the balcony is smoldering
but not empty
for there they are
an audience turned actors
their bo...

the summer begins with snakes, by Ray Heinrich

on saturday
in the basement
the door to the furnace room
(the sound of a sna...

we will be clouds, by Ray Heinrich

someday   and while it could be today it probably isn't
(not even tomorrow)
so here we are...

your fine brown hair, by Ray Heinrich

your hat
oh that hat of yours
i can see that hat
and your hand
taking it off
and all you...