Poems by Raina Morreau

Poems by Raina Morreau

Ava, by Raina Morreau

The birds have all been packing
To go to some place warm
But I find myself still standing
In t...

The Lemming Wheel, by Raina Morreau

Someone passed at work today
in passing
I mean
he leapt or fell
from this teetering life

Sunday Best, by Raina Morreau

I found my shade of lipstick
and it was
Bright red
Blood on a dance floor red
Eyelids pulsin...

A Taste for Innocence, by Raina Morreau

I remember static in the air
the sound of my universe ripping
like a dishcloth
when you explai...

The Wreck, by Raina Morreau

If I am a wreck
Let me be a dignified wreck
not a pale pretender
in fresh paint
I beg you sto...