Poems by Pierre Lièvre

Poems by Pierre Lièvre

Frankness, by Pierre Lièvre

I TELL you true, it is not you I love,
It is not you for whom my spirit pines..
If in my eyes...

A Gathering of Gallants, by Pierre Lièvre

WHERE orange lanterns light the gravel walk,
And rust the leaves of chestnut trees, belated

Heat, by Pierre Lièvre

As tired women languorously undress,
Summer divests her, breathing roses' scent;
The mirror ...

Sensuality, by Pierre Lièvre

MY fingers squeeze your fat, bent neck, and while
Your chignon yields and of itself falls down...

Wheedling, by Pierre Lièvre

WHEN to my powdered breasts I bent his brow,
How his voice trembled desperately! Surprise