Poems by Paul Verlaine

Poems by Paul Verlaine

After Three Years, by Paul Verlaine

When I had pushed the narrow garden-door,
Once more I stood within the green retreat;
Softly ...

Il Bacio, by Paul Verlaine

Kiss! Hollyhock in Love's luxuriant close!
Brisk music played on pearly little keys,
In tempo ...

Green, by Paul Verlaine

See, blossoms, branches, fruit, leaves I have brought,
And then my heart that for you only ...

In Autumn, by Paul Verlaine

Violins of Autumn sobbing
        Deep and lone,
Pierced my heart is with their throbbing

I See You Still, by Paul Verlaine

I see you still! Dressed in a summer dress,
Yellow and white, bestrewn with curtain-flowers;

It Shall Be, Then, Upon a Summer's Day, by Paul Verlaine

It shall be, then, upon a summer's day:
The sun, my joy's accomplice, bright shall shine,

The Keyboard, by Paul Verlaine

The keyboard, over which two slim hands float,
Shines vaguely in the twilight pink and gray,

Languor, by Paul Verlaine

I am the Empire in the last of its decline,
That sees the tall, fair-haired Barbarians pass--t...

Nevermore, by Paul Verlaine

Remembrance, what wilt thou with me? The year
Declined; in the still air the thrush piped clear...

O'er the Wood's Brow, by Paul Verlaine

O'er the wood's brow,
Pale, the moon stares;
In every bough
Wandering airs
Faintly suspire...

Puppet, by Paul Verlaine

Scaramouche and Pulcinella
Gesticulate wildly, black against the moon,
As the good doctor Bol...

Sentimental Dialogue, by Paul Verlaine

In the old park, lonely and bound by frost
Two forms just passed and were in darkness lost. &nb...

To Dahlia, by Paul Verlaine

Lovely whore
With your hard black eyes
And your soft budding breasts   Shameless flower o...

Too Red, Too Red the Roses Were, by Paul Verlaine

Too red, too red the roses were,
Too black the ivy on the tree--   Dear, at the trembli...