Poems by M.H. Cobb

Poems by M.H. Cobb

December, by M.H. Cobb

Far down the somber-tinted North,
Where Argol leads his train of suns,
Gray Winter's herald i...

The Mountain in the West, by M.H. Cobb

Last eve the sunset winds upheaved
A mountain in the west,
All seamed with gloomy gulfs, from...

A Ship Sailed Out to Sea, by M.H. Cobb

Over the pathless deep
A thousand miles away,
Where spicy breezes sleep
To wake at shut of da...

The Ships that Sail Away, by M.H. Cobb

I think of the ships that sail away,
The white-winged ships that sail away,
Freighted with fe...

The World Would Be the Better For It, by M.H. Cobb

If men cared less for wealth and fame,
And less for battle-fields and glory,
If writ in human...