Poems by Mary Morgan

Poems by Mary Morgan

Night: A Revery, by Mary Morgan

The shades of night have fallen now,
But clear and full shines out the moon,
And by its side ...

With a Bunch of Wild Roses, by Mary Morgan

Ah, deem not that this simple little flower
Unfolded all its tender bloom in vain;
Did it not...

To Nature, by Mary Morgan

Nature, I would be thy child,
Sit and worship at thy feet;
Read the truth upon thy face,

Time, by Mary Morgan

I heard a strange voice calling unto me;
Did it not fall from yon etherial air,
So wonderfull...

Summum Bonum, by Mary Morgan

Inscribed to Felix Adler. To live in every thought
A life so true and pure;
To do in every de...

Spring Song, by Mary Morgan

I wandered in the well-known path,
The sky was bright and blue,
The trees were clad in freshe...

Silence, by Mary Morgan

In silence do ye gather, shades of night!
The sun in peaceful glory passed away;
As quietly a...

The Poet's Hour, by Mary Morgan

See where the twilight draweth nigh,
Enswathing in the fold
Of her capricious mantle grey,

On the Death of Carlyle, by Mary Morgan

Dumb stands the world beside a new-made tomb;
Unuttered even is the burial prayer;
Yet not un...

On the Beach, by Mary Morgan

So thick the mist is hanging round,
Vast ocean is not seen;
But we may hear his rolling wave,...

On Seeing a Child Fall Asleep, by Mary Morgan

The heavy eyelids slowly droop,
The eyes grow less and less,
The last of languid glances flow...

The Afterglow, by Mary Morgan

It is the afterglow. The dying sun
Went down behind yon distant purple hill
Where sleep the qui...

Morning, by Mary Morgan

The dawn had barely woke; the moon afar--
A silver crescent on the lonely sky--
Forsaken was by...

Hope, by Mary Morgan

Tis she that walks before us day by day
Who wooed us in our early infancy,
In shining robes as...

George Eliot, by Mary Morgan

As when the siren voices held in thrall,
In days of old, the wanderers by sea,
Enchanting th...