Poems by Mary Dow Brine

Poems by Mary Dow Brine

The Winter of Life, by Mary Dow Brine

As down the frosty road we came,
My man and I together,
We talked of this, and smiled at tha...

The Old Barn, by Mary Dow Brine

Oh! A jolly old place is grandpa's barn,
Where the doors stand open throughout the day,
And t...

The Old Ruins, by Mary Dow Brine

If ye could speak, old ruins,
That rise in stately pile,
As tho' ye longed to boast the powe...

On the Ocean, by Mary Dow Brine

Noon on the ocean--golden bright
Ripples that dance in the merry light!
A fisherman's song with...

Out on the Sands, by Mary Dow Brine

Out on the sands we walked--three friends--
To watch the sea-gulls dipping low,
While gently m...

Primrose Time, by Mary Dow Brine

Come May, sweet May, with all thy bloom,
Thy fragrant breezes, azure skies,
Come quickly t...

A Recipe for Summer, by Mary Dow Brine

What is summer made of?
Of opening buds and flowers;
Of sunshine and of shadow,
And gracious...

The Rejected Rose, by Mary Dow Brine

Only a rosebud, sweet and fair,
Down by the roadside growing;
Of other flowers, rich and ra...

Saved!, by Mary Dow Brine

Found, far out on the snow-mapped moor,
The child that had gone astray!
Found, by a friend w...

The Ship at Sea, by Mary Dow Brine

When my ship comes home from sea,
The ship that went so far from me,
"Then this and that we'l...

Somebody's Mother, by Mary Dow Brine

The woman was old and ragged and gray,
And bent with the chill of a winter's day;
The streets...

Why the Daisies are White, by Mary Dow Brine

Once on a time a quarrel rose,
'Tis said, between impatient Spring
And that old Greybeard Win...

Twilight on the Beach, by Mary Dow Brine

The crimson glory of the setting sun
Hath lain a moment on the ocean's breast,
Till twilight s...

The Violets, by Mary Dow Brine

Today I saw the violet-girl, with sad and wistful eyes;
She stands there by the corner, and "...

A Summer Afternoon, by Mary Dow Brine

A daisied meadow lying fair under a summer sky;
Sweet ferns and grasses bowing low to the zephy...