Poems by Mark Turbyfill

Poems by Mark Turbyfill

The Adventurer, by Mark Turbyfill

Gatherer of shells,
Breather of slight winds--
There is much to surprise me.

Afterthought, by Mark Turbyfill

Sometimes you smile,
(Now that it is all over)
And drop me little thin, gray words,
Like th...

Batik, by Mark Turbyfill

Important pale asters
And leering lilies painted peach-color
Writhing to a futile destination, ...

Chicago, by Mark Turbyfill

O city of beauty,
They have spoken without understanding;
They have called you evil!   ...

End of Summer, by Mark Turbyfill

For that a great weariness has come upon me
Here in the remaining day of summer--
And the overg...

The Forest of Dead Trees, by Mark Turbyfill

I climbed up the rough mountain-side
Through the forest of dead trees.   I touched their s...

Journey, by Mark Turbyfill

Life is more sweet than I
Knew: the shifted scene
Less wavered, more trimmed with light,

Last Season, by Mark Turbyfill

We two
Storm-sheathed buds
Upon the wild plum bough.   Oh, once in April late,

Rain-Night, by Mark Turbyfill

The dogged rain
Of unawakened growths
Is hurling down its spear-points
Into our walks and stre...

Repletion, by Mark Turbyfill

I have fed on the radiance of my Beloved
Lying beneath the flowering pear tree.
Her breasts are...

Strangers, by Mark Turbyfill

I shall tell you:
I am seeing and seeing strangers
Who are not strangers,
For there is somet...

Wind-Shaken, by Mark Turbyfill

He stands,
An ancient trunk,
Rooted deep in earth--
And we,
A thousand new, thin leaves, ...

Words about Love, by Mark Turbyfill

I cannot tell you what it is waits beyond love;
Nor what it means, the still hour after.  ...

A Young Man Talking about a Woman, by Mark Turbyfill

I She is touched with a beauty the sere of reeds by an old water.
Her being is of a duality: th...