Poems by Louise Driscoll

Poems by Louise Driscoll

Clean Winter, by Louise Driscoll

Winter comes grimly
And cleans house.
Blowing all the leaves away.
The field mouse
Burrows be...

The Desert Has One God, by Louise Driscoll

The desert has one god, the Great Lord Sun.
Death is his servant, as the jackals know
That fo...

A Frozen Brook, by Louise Driscoll

What do you dream, O Stream, as you sleep so long?
Hint of the black morass where your mother ...

I Met the Rain, by Louise Driscoll

I met the rain today in an open place,
The young rain, adventuring, she danced as she came al...

Immortality, by Louise Driscoll

Dead men blossom,
The world's a green tomb,
Dust and the brown seed
In a blue room.   ...

Late Autumn, by Louise Driscoll

I am like a pine tree
On a lone hill.
My garden is all bare,
My birds are still.   Oh, ...

The Laughing Prayer, by Louise Driscoll

The sorry prayers go up to God
Day after weary day,
Whimpering through the eternal blue
And d...

October, by Louise Driscoll

When my hills stand ablaze with gold and red,
And I can hear the harsh-voiced leader cry
As wi...

Premonition, by Louise Driscoll

The crystal shiver of an icicle
That falls from a bank where the runnels are deep,
The last th...

Roses, by Louise Driscoll

You write to me about roses,
About roses opening as roses die.
Always, you say, there are ro...

The Second Coming, by Louise Driscoll

A strange thing the preacher said,
And proved it by the Book.
He told all people who could hea...