Poems by Lola Ridge

Poems by Lola Ridge

Reveille, by Lola Ridge

Come forth, you workers!
Let the fires go cold--
Let the iron spill out, out of the troughs--...

Secrets, by Lola Ridge

infesting my half-sleep..
did you enter my wound from another wound
brushing mine in a...

Sons of Belial, by Lola Ridge

I We are old,
Old as song.
Before Rome was
Or Cyrene.
Mad nights knew us
And old men's wiv...

Spring, by Lola Ridge

A spring wind on the Bowery,
Blowing the fluff of night shelters
Off bedraggled garments,

Thaw, by Lola Ridge

Blow through me wind
As you blow through apple blossoms..
Scatter me in shining petals over the...

Time-Stone, by Lola Ridge

Hallo, Metropolitan--
Ubiquitous windows staring all ways,
Red eye notching the darkness.

To the Others, by Lola Ridge

I see you, refulgent ones,
Burning so steadily
Like big white arc lights..
There are so many...

Train Windows, by Lola Ridge

Small towns
Crawling out of their green shirts..
Tubercular towns
Coughing a little at dawn..

Wall Street at Night, by Lola Ridge

Long vast shapes.. Cooled and flushed through with darkness..
Lidless windows
Glazed with a fla...

Wild Duck, by Lola Ridge

I That was a great night we spied upon
See-sawing home,
Singing a hot sweet song to the super...

The Woman with Jewels, by Lola Ridge

The woman with jewels sits in the café,
Spraying light like a fountain.
Diamonds glitter...

Altitude, by Lola Ridge

I wonder
how it would be here with you,
where the wind
that has shaken off its dust in low va...

Broadway, by Lola Ridge

innumerable ions of light,
Kindling, irradiating,
All to their foci tending..  ...

Cactus Seed, by Lola Ridge

I Radiant notes
piercing my narrow-chested room,
beating down through my ceiling--
smeared w...

The Dream, by Lola Ridge

I have a dream
to fill the golden sheath
of a remembered day..
heavy and massed and blue...