Poems by Li Bai

Poems by Li Bai

The Ruin of the Ku-Su Palace, by Li Bai

In the deserted garden among the crumbling walls
The willows show green again,
While the sweet...

The Old Dust, by Li Bai

The living is a passing traveler;
The dead, a man come home.
One brief journey betwixt heaven...

On a Picture Screen, by Li Bai

Whence these twelve peaks of Wu-shan!
Have they flown into the gorgeous screen
From heaven's on...

On Ascending the North Tower one Autumn Day, by Li Bai

The waterside city stands as in a picture scroll.
The sky is lucid above the mountain shrouded i...

On the Death of the Good Brewer of Hsuan-Cheng, by Li Bai

So, old man, you're down where the yellow waters flow.
Well, I imagine you are still brewing ...

On the Ship of Spice-Wood, by Li Bai

My ship is built of spice-wood and has a rudder of mulan;
Musicians sit at the two ends with je...

The Phoenix Bird Tower, by Li Bai

The Phoenix Bird Tower was situated to the north of Nanking, once the capital of Wu, Chin, and...

The Poet Thinks of His Old Home, by Li Bai

I have not turned my steps toward the East Mountain for so long.
I wonder how many times the ros...

The River Journey from White King City, by Li Bai

At dawn I left the walled city of White King,
Towering among the many colored clouds;
And cam...

The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter, by Li Bai

While my hair was still cut straight across my forehead
I played about the front gate, pulling ...

The Ruin of the Capital of Yueh, by Li Bai

Hither returned Kou Chien, the King of Yueh, in triumph;
He had destroyed the kingdom of Wu.

To His Two Children, by Li Bai

In the land of Wu the mulberry leaves are green,
And thrice the silkworms have gone to sleep.

To His Friend Departing for Shuh, by Li Bai

I hear the Tsang-tsung road
Is rough and rugged, and hard to travel.
It is so steep that the m...

To His Three Friends, by Li Bai

When the hunter sets traps only for rabbits,
Tigers and dragons are left uncaught.
Even so, m...

Three with the Moon and His Shadow, by Li Bai

With a jar of wine I sit by the flowering trees.
I drink alone, and where are my friends?
Ah, ...