Poems by Li Bai

Poems by Li Bai

Awakening from Sleep on a Spring Day, by Li Bai

Life is an immense dream. Why toil?
All day long I drowse with wine,
And lie by the post at th...

By the Great Wall, by Li Bai

I Came the barbarian horde with the autumn;
Out went the imperial army from the House of Han.

The Ching-Ting Mountain, by Li Bai

Flocks of birds have flown high and away;
A solitary drift of cloud, too, has gone, wanderin...

Chuang Chou and the Butterfly, by Li Bai

Chuang Chou in dream became a butterfly,
And the butterfly became Chuang Chou at waking.

Clearing at Dawn, by Li Bai

The fields are chill; the sparse rain has stopped;
The colors of Spring teem on every side.

The Crows at Nightfall, by Li Bai

In the twilight of yellow clouds
The crows seek their nests by the city wall.
The crows are fly...

An Encounter in the Field, by Li Bai

Came an amorous rider,
Trampling the fallen flowers of the road.
The dangling end of his crop

An Exhortation, by Li Bai

Do you not see the waters of the Yellow River
Come flowing from the sky?
The swift stream pours...

The Fair Queen of Wu, by Li Bai

The breeze passes through the lotus flowers--
All fragrance is the waterside pavilion.
The king...

A Farewell Song of White Clouds, by Li Bai

The white clouds float over the mountains of Chu--
As over the mountains of Chin.
Everywhere th...

The Girl of Pa Speaks, by Li Bai

The water of the River Pa is swift like an arrow;
The boat on the River Pa slips away
As if it...

His Dream of the Sky-Land, by Li Bai

The sea-farers tell of the Eastern Isle of Bliss,
It is lost in a wilderness of misty sea waves...

I am a Peach Tree, by Li Bai

I am a peach tree blossoming in a deep pit.
Who is there I may turn to and smile?
You are the m...

The Imperial Concubine, by Li Bai

When a little child,
She was reared in a golden house,
Now ripe and lovely, she dwells
In t...

In the Mountains, by Li Bai

Why do I live among the green mountains?
I laugh and answer not, my soul is serene:
It dwells...