Poems by Kenneth Rand

Poems by Kenneth Rand

Atheism, by Kenneth Rand

I dreamed one night that I was lost among
The sounding mazes of an endless vault,

The Crows, by Kenneth Rand

Out from the gloom of the mountain-gorges,
Dark in the glow of the dawn,
See how they scurry ...

Eros Ephemeros, by Kenneth Rand

Red is the flower of thy mouth
As the wine that the flagon spatters,
And the heart of the wind...

The Flower-Peddler, by Kenneth Rand

With the columbine
And the eglantine
For new love, and for folly,
Now by my rood
I'll suit ...

The Lonely Road, by Kenneth Rand

I think thou waitest, Love, beyond the Gate--
Eager, with wind-stirred ripples in thy hair;

Lover's Dawn, by Kenneth Rand

The earth and sky
Have a song as old as themselves;
And you and I
For one brief moment, whil...

The Old Lovers, by Kenneth Rand

We meet in a sorrowful land
That is hard by the gates of death--
A smile, and a touch of the h...

The Rainbow Chaser, by Kenneth Rand

I've followed my restless heart
To the uttermost ends of earth--
New stars arise in alien skies...

Spring in the Semi-Tropics, by Kenneth Rand

The tossing tops of the palm are loud with a wind from the Spanish Main
That strums the harp of ...

Straw-Death, by Kenneth Rand

I who have lived my life,
My years of hot-blood roving, in the sun--
Now that my course is ru...

The Suicide, by Kenneth Rand

Friends, who have loved me well and known me ill,
Who called me joyous only yesterday--
You k...

To All Ye Motherless, by Kenneth Rand

O children who have never known the clasp
Of those dear arms that fend away the world,
Surely ...

To the Dream Maiden, by Kenneth Rand

Because I may not find thee, though I seek
West of the setting sun, east of the morn,
And tr...